Canon ip2770 Error 5b00

How to Fix Canon ip2770 Error 5b00

canon ip2770 error 5b00

Canon ip2770 Error 5b00There is no difficult to fix the error of Canon iP2770 5B00. Separately, this printer uses an integrated waste ink counter that locks the printer and shows us the 5B00 error screen and allows two flashing LEDs on the printer. If your printer is still under warranty, Canon technical services can solve this problem for free but if your printer is not within the warranty period, they charge you to fix the service fees. However, everything will be okay because you can still troubleshoot the 5b00 error in your printer by following the instructions below. Please focus on instructions so you can understand them fully.

Methods of Solving Canon ip2770 Error 5b00

1. First, download Canon IP2770 Resetter Software on Google, then extract and run the software. don’t forget also for some sheets of paper for the printer to do res

2. Second, install your printer without turning on your printer and then press and hold the resume button and press the ON button without releasing the Continue button.

3. Then press the Resume button five times and release the two buttons and the printer will start and stop the flashing LED. Usually, now the computer will detect a new device, but you can ignore it. In this process, the printer is ready for service mode. You can reset the printer ypur then the printer can work again as usual.

However, if the steps above still cannot function properly to solve the Canon ip2770 Error 5b00 , you can try another method by running and downloading the PCM service tool to your computer then extracting and running it and pressing the Main button on Clear Ink Counter and you have to wait a few seconds and receive a popup meaning a function finished, then press the EEPROM Clear button on the Operation menu and accept the popup. Finally, you need to turn off your printer rather than turning it on again. Now your printerĀ  is ready to continue working without the 5B00 error problem.

Thus, that is short description about how to solveĀ Canon ip2770 Error 5b00. Hopefully this information can be beneficial and helpful for all people. Thank you so much for visiting this website Have a nice time.

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